Fallen Leaves

Words and Music by Evan Gordon

I can hear the wind outside in last days of August
The hottest summer will soon be a memory
So we take a walk in the park and remember all the laughter
Recalling the day we met and the times that followed after

So let us buy some firewood and clean out the chimney
Walk through the garden one last time
Soon we'll sit out on the porch and watch the leaves fall
Place your hand in my hand as we heed the seasons call

Do not weep at falling leaves as the winter heads our way
For soon the spring returns before the summer comes to stay
But keep me warm tonight and I will not let you go
And we'll remain together through this season of snow

There's over a foot of snow outside in the middle of the winter
We're drinking hot chocolate safe and warm inside
But am I warm from the drinking? Or from your embrace?
Or the tears that have touched me that have fallen from your face?

The TV says the weather's warming and the snow will be melting
The children will again go outside to play
As we emerge from our slumber, we'll greet the rising sun
There is no season we cannot weather, with you my one true love

© 2000 Evan Gordon

Copyright 2005 Evan A. Gordon