Family Story

Words and music by Evan Gordon

My Grandma said she would cry When the summer ended
She’d really miss those parties on the beach at night
It’s there she met my grandpa dancing in the sand
Together they’d watch the stars give way to the light

The years went by for the two of them , the 1940’s a crazy time
Traveling around the world to see what they could find
Stories of Thailand and China and other lands across the sea
And of my Father as a child / and other precious memories

And I never met my dad’s father so what I know of him
Are the storied from my grandma, of the places they have been.

So listen to their stories and their tales of yesterday
There’s so much to be learned that will help us live today

During the Second World War on a ship in the Pacific
My Grandpa would write letters to my Grandma back home
After the war ended they lived in New York City
And my mom was born and they were never again alone
They moved to New Jersey, my Grandma taught in the school
Living the quiet life far away from the city
Then my mom went to college, met my father there
They were soon married and the rest is history

I’m always glad to see Grandma and Grandpa, and listen to them speak
And I know they’re growing wiser with every passing week.

At a restaurant in Manhattan, June 1999
My grandpa is turning 80, surrounded by Family
I am one of six grandchildren, ages 10 to 25
And hearing Grandpa laugh out loud makes me proud to be alive

So may you learn the lessons of yesterday And heed the call of tomorrow
And remember to count the blessings that come from family…

© 2000 Evan Gordon

Copyright 2005 Evan A. Gordon